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Assassinations of Mayors in Mexico Continue into New Year

On January 1, 2019, Alejandro Aparicio Santiago was sworn in as mayor of Tlaxiaco in the Oaxaca State of Mexico. He only remained in office for 90 minutes. Santiago had just taken office that Tuesday and was walking to his first official meeting at city hall when a group of unidentified gunmen opened fire. He was shot by the gunmen and later died in the hospital. Four others were wounded. The Oaxaca prosecutor’s office stated a person was in custody and it was more than likely drug related The number of Mayors who have been assassinated in Mexico continues to rise. According to the National Association of Mayors in Mexico over 138 mayors and former mayors have been killed between 2006 and

Use of Rental Vehicles by Terrorists Continues to be A Major Concern Going into 2019

On the first day of 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, Kazuhiro Kusakabe, 21, committed an act of terrorism by using a rental car as a weapon to ram into pedestrians on Harajuku’s famed Takeshita Street. Attacks like these have been seen in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States but not in countries like Japan. Takeshita Street, Tokyo, Japan on a regular day. Based on the significant pedestrian traffic the attacker saw this as a prime target. Although this type of attack is not a new one, these types of attacks have significantly increased since al Qaeda released its call to use a vehicle to conduct a terrorist attack in its Inspire Magazine Fall 2010 edition. In this edition it states, “Pick y

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