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al-Shabaab: An Ongoing Threat to the Horn of Africa, the U.S. and its Western Allies

The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) is actively tracking and reporting on al-Shabaab within many of our teams, including AFRICOM, Weapons and Tactics, and Behavior and Leadership. This Intelligence & Analysis Report assess the rise to power and faltering leadership of Ahmed Umar Abu Ubaidah. The Somali-based, and al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group, al-Shabaab is classified as an ‘Ongoing’ threat. Somalian, Djibouti, Kenyan and Ethiopian countries are frequently targeted with bombing and assault weapon attacks. There is a possibility that changes in al-Shabaab’s top leadership will occur due to frequent rows between al-Shabaab leader, Ahmed Umar Abu Ubaidah and his deputy, Ali Fidow, along wit

Human Rights Leaders in Colombia are in Danger

As an important regional power and strategic U.S. ally, Colombia’s stability plays a major role in the geopolitics of the Western Hemisphere. Violent paramilitary groups threaten that stability, particularly through the targeted killings of social and economic leaders in Colombia. The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) takes a closer look with this Threat Assessment. Colombian social leaders, especially indigenous activists, are in imminent danger of assassination. Numerous, credible reports from local and national Colombian sources establish a trend of assassinations of community leaders, particularly those campaigning for land rights and government support. In regions where criminal and/or param

Islamophobia, Its Effects, and What We Can Do To Combat It

As the holy month of Ramadan continues, it is imperative that all people comprehend the true meaning of Islam. So often it is misconstrued into false understandings, fake news, and immediate thoughts of extremism and/or terrorism. Islamophobia is a serious concern for The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) and this article addresses all components of it and what we as a company, but also as individuals can do to counter it. A phobia, according to the dictionary is defined as an inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object or situation. Since the September 11th attacks, one phobia has grown. Islamophobia is an exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims that is perp

Floating Nuclear Power Plants: Global Impacts and Terrorist Targets

The tracking of geopolitics is fundamental to The Counterterrorism Group (CTG), but it is even more important when it is combined with nuclear power and a variety of potential hazards. Both Russia and China have functional floating nuclear power plants with plans to create more in the future. The United States has plans as well, but they are being greatly vetted for safety on all levels (natural disasters and terrorist attacks). What is concerning about the Russian and Chinese floating nuclear power plants is both geopolitical and environmental in nature. CTG takes a look at these concerns with this report. China is constructing up to 20 floating nuclear power plants with the plan of using

Human Trafficking in the United States

Terrorists and Transnational Criminal Organizations utilize Human Trafficking to fund their operations and profit from this form of slavery. CTG takes a look at human trafficking in the United States and discusses the signs that can help someone determine if a person is being trafficked. Human Trafficking, simply put, is modern-day slavery. It involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Victims of human trafficking very rarely come forward to seek help which is due to multiple reasons including language barriers, fear of the traffickers, and/or fear of law enforcement. Trauma caused by the traffickers can be so great that many may not id

The Enduring Legacy of Columbine

Sol Pais, a known sympathizer of the 1999 Columbine shooters, made general threats online, traveled on a one-way ticket to Columbine, Colorado for the 20th anniversary of the shooting, and purchased a shotgun prompting concerns that she aimed to recreate the 1999 Columbine High School attack. In response, over 20 schools went into lockdown on April 16 and overnight hundreds more closed in response. Pais was ultimately found dead on a remote area of Mt. Evans having apparently committed suicide. Sol Pais’ case illustrates the enduring threat of resonating acts of spectacular violence serving as inspiration for subsequent generations. Who was Sol Pais? Sol Pais was an unassuming 18 year old st

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