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Malware in Medical Devices

Cyberattacks on medical devices have plagued the healthcare industry. Malware, the weapon of choice, has caused companies to lose millions of dollars throughout the country, also leaving patient safety at risk. What would the world face if terrorists began targeting medical devices? Many hospitals and other medical facilities run on older systems such as Windows XP and 7, both of which are no longer supported by Microsoft due to the licensing user base and newer integrations of Windows, such as 8 and 10, that are currently still on the market. These older systems are no longer maintained or updated by Microsoft, so if a vulnerability is discovered by a third party or potential hacker there

Signs of Resurgence from the Islamic State

Despite markedly less frequent reports of attacks from the Islamic State (IS) in the past year, a recent UN report indicates that the extremist organization may be primed for a resurgence. A breakdown of attack data shows that the group is reorganizing in two main regions: Iraq/Syrian Arab Republic (ISAR), which is considered the IS core due to the large amount of fighters and resources in the region, and Western Africa. The former is a consolidation of what remains of their territorial control established at their peak 5 years ago, the latter represents a new focus of the group and exists as a safety net in the event that they are ever forcefully driven from the ISAR region. The organizatio

Russian Operatives Continue Disrupting Europe

“Putin” by DimitroSevastopol, licensed under Pixabay In 2006, Russia adopted legislation that allowed for the extrajudicial killing of people deemed to be terrorists or extremists by the Russian Government. This law allowed Putin to begin ordering assassinations with little to no oversight from the Russian Parliament.[1] Since that law was enacted, Russia has been implicated or suspected in numerous successful and failed assassination attempts of Russian dissidents and critics throughout Europe. In recent years the pace at which Russia is engaging in assassination plots throughout Europe seem to be increasing in frequency and boldness. The same year that Russia adopted the aforementioned leg

Brexit Leaves Behind EU Counterterrorism Security

On January 31, 2020 at 2300 GMT, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. This has now commenced a transition period set to end on December 31, 2020, during which the United Kingdom will remain subject to EU law, but will not be a part of EU political bodies and institutions. This exit from the EU has been four years in the making since the initial United Kingdom European Union membership referendum was voted on in June of 2016 with a result of 51.9% opting to leave.[1] Now that the UK has formally departed from the EU, speculations have been made as to the effects this decision will have on the country. As one of the biggest political and economic shifts in modern Europe, the

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