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Geospatial Intelligence Report

Tracking the changes in Syrian refugee camps in Turkey Key judgments Turkey’s practice of weaponizing migrants as a negotiating tool with the EU has continued under Erdogan’s recent policy to block the movement of migrants, citing safety concerns with COVID-19. Erdogan has closed borders with its disputed neighbor, Greece, over EU migrant policy concerns and receiving EU funding. Turkey has kept migrants within its borders under tight sanctions and actively uses its harsh policy on migrants as a deterrent to future hopeful refugees. This report aims to present the most significant changes in Syrian refugee camps in Turkey with the use of geospatial tools. Analyzing these facilities through s

3C Report (Claims, Conflicts and Capital)

Geographical Area; Continent | Lake Chad Basin; Africa Countries within the Geographical Area | Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon Bordering Countries Affected | Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon; Africa Lake Chad Basin[1] Summary: Climate change and the conflict and insecurity caused by Boko Haram has resulted in a severe humanitarian crisis across Niger, Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon. 2.6 million people have been deracinated; 5 million people are living in poverty; and 0.5 million children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.[2] Areas of High Security Concern: Climate change; Violent conflicts; Terrorism; Poverty; Infrastructure Current Claims: Niger; Chad; Nigeria; Cameroon; Boko Haram Cu

Femicide Crisis In Mexico to Increase and Potentially Spread Into Other Central American Countries D

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico’s femicide crisis has worsened and is likely to continue to worsen as the pandemic continues to persist and spread. The government has been receiving backlash, as it has not yet released a plan to prevent the killing of women and girls on account of their gender from occurring. Mexico’s National System of Public Security registered 144 femicides between March and April, while the National Map of Femicides in Mexico has counted 405 cases of femicide in the same time period.[1] By mid-March, more than 380 women had been killed in Mexico.[2] There is a probable chance that the increasing cases of femicide will continue in Mexico, spread throughout the region

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