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The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) has intelligence analysts collecting and analyzing intelligence on terrorists and individual attacks, terrorist and extremist organizations, conflicts and political issues in various countries, the use of weapons and tactics, active and potential threats, and much more from around the world.  CTG's team of intelligence analysts produce for its clients intelligence products that not only offer strategic insights but also highlight the threats and practical implications of terrorist attacks worldwide. Understanding these threats and implications allows various organizations in turn, to effectively mitigate threats and risks and maximize operations and opportunities through pragmatic counterterrorism strategies. All intelligence and investigative reports are focused on protecting you and your organization from active and possible threats. 

The W.A.T.C.H.

The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) manages a Global Intelligence & Security Operations Center (GISOC) that monitors terrorist activities and counterterrorism efforts, criminal activity, and hazards worldwide in order to give clients a daily situational awareness of threats that may impact their agency, organization, company or individual activities.  CTG’s GISOC is called The W.A.T.C.H. (Worldwide Analysis of Terrorism, Crime, and Hazards). The W.A.T.C.H. is staffed 24 hours a day/365 days a year and provides clients immediate response capabilities which include threat and emergency notifications; immediate assistance to deal with security, emergency and medical situations; and provides intelligence and local, regional, national, and international threat awareness of developing situations impacting clients. The W.A.T.C.H. can also call up additional resources from Paladin 7/CTG to analyze and support critical situations impacting clients. The W.A.T.C.H. provides clients situational awareness and intelligence analysis of developing terrorism and other related activities, issues and events around the world. Reports coming from The W.A.T.C.H. are available by client subscription.

Client W.A.T.C.H. Centers

W.A.T.C.H. (Worldwide Analysis of Terrorism, Crime, and Hazards) Centers can be developed, made operational, and managed by CTG based clients needs. Whether its monitoring threats on a daily basis for your organization, its facilities and assets, and personnel or for specific events or situations, CTG can provide this critical service to ensure your protection from threats. 


Global Counterterrorism Center (GCTC)

The Counterterrorism Group operates a secure website for clients to access.  This site is known as the Global Counterterrorism Center (GCTC) and it provides a wide range of reports, resources, and trainings to security, law enforcement, military, executives those working on countering and fighting terrorism and other threats



The following are some of the reports we can provide to clients. Specific reports and analysis can be developed based on clients needs and wants:


Daily Terrorism Activity Report (DTAR)

This is comprehensive daily report that provides clients intelligence and information about terrorist activities and counterterrorism efforts, criminal activities, and hazards (natural and man-made) around the world based on 24-hour monitoring by CTG Watch Officers/Intelligence Analysts. Clients can quickly see in the DTAR threats and areas of concerns by region in order to help them understand and address any current or developing security situations. A weekly assessment of trends and patterns found in the DTAR using visuals (charts, graphs, etc.) is produced each Saturday and distributed to clients with additional analysis from CTG Intelligence Analysts.


Critical Incident Reports (CIR)

When a major terrorist  or similar attack happens CTG Intelligence Analysts start immediately working on a Critical Incident Report of the attack. This reports provides clients real time access to what is going on with the attack based on monitoring social media, news sources, police and fire radio traffic (when available) and CTG on the ground reporting (where available). Clients in the area or with personnel or resources in the area and those clients who want to monitor the situation will get real time reporting the location of attack, attacker(s), attacker affiliations, weapons used, status of attack, casualties, police or security forces response, local medical facilities, safe zones and much more.  This reporting is focused on providing real time intelligence to ensure that clients are safe and secure and that threat and emergency response services and resources are immediately provided. 

Travel Security Reports (TSR)

Traveling around the world can be fun, educational, and filled with new opportunities but it can also come with a number of security and health concerns. Some areas are high targets for terrorism, kidnapping, violence, tourism crime, political instability, and conflicts. Other areas have serious health concerns. In more and more countries visitors are being targeted by cyber crime. These are just a few of the threats you contend with when traveling globally.  Whether our client is a company or organization sending executives or personnel overseas or a academic institutions send students to study or take cultural education trips or an individual taking a trip to a particular area we can help. Knowing the threats, the culture, the norms, the laws, how to get help, where to avoid, who to avoid, and what to avoid can make the difference between a great trip or a tragic one. A CTG we can develop detailed Travel Security Reports for our clients to ensure their safety and a successful trip.

Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Crime, & Cyber (C4) Threat Report

The C4 Report provides a focused look at the terrorist, counterintelligence/espionage, criminal and cyber threats in an area of interest for our clients. Each of individual aspects of the C4 Threat Report can be broken down into very detailed reports based on the clients needs and wants.

Country Analysis Reports

Country Reports provide detailed intelligence on a country of interest to a client based on needs and wants.  

After Action Reports (AAR)  

The After Action Report is completed immediately after a terrorist attack or serious incident and preliminary information is available.  CTG Analysts will monitor and analyze the event, those involved, and what further intelligence steps are needed and provide this to clients. Based on the need for further analysis CTG and provide a more detailed report. Maps and images are included.


After Terrorist Attack Report (ATAR)

This is a comprehensive report completed after a major terrorist attack--they are much more detailed than an AAR. They analyze the event, those involved, and what further intelligence steps are needed. Maps, images (including  social media analysis), and videos are included.  


Threat Assessments

CTG analyzes the threat of terrorism, criminal activity, or attack from an individual intent on doing harm on a location, facility, or person(s). In the assessment solutions to mitigate the threat and how to implement them are provided to the client.  


Terrorist and Extremist Group Analysis

The Terrorist and Extremist Group Analysis is a detailed report on the creation, foundation, mission, leadership, beliefs, attacks, tactics, locations, likelihood of next attack, etc. of a particular group. This works in conjunction with the Behavioral/Leadership Analysis and Weapons and Tactics Analysis. 

Behavioral/Leadership Analysis

Utilizing CTG Behavior Analysts, Mental Health, Psychological, Crisis Specialists, Targeting Specialists, and Intelligence Analysts a detailed report is put together on a terrorist or extremist group leaders and members to determine and understand backgrounds and key motivators, drivers, beliefs, triggers, thoughts, capabilities and more.  This can also be written for a individual with intent to cause harm/lone wolf attacker. 

Tactics and Weapons Analysis

Understanding the tactics and weapons used by individual terrorist group’s or individuals with intentions to do harm can be key to stopping them. A special team of CTG analysts who understand tactics and weapons analyzes previous attacks, specifics on how they attacked, trends and emerging threats in order to give those working to prevent threats the advantage.  


Historical Analysis

Our Historical Analysts conduct  in depth research on terrorist attack and serious situations concerning attacks beginning in the 1970s through the present. Many terrorists, terrorist groups, and individuals with an intent to do harm will analyze previous attacks and use tactics and weapons used by other attackers. Understanding previous attacks in history is critical ​to preventing future attacks.

Client Requested Reports & Analysis 

CTG can provide clients reports and analytical products based on needs and wants. 


The CTG Team are specialists in working to detect, deter, and defeat terrorist activity and individual intentions to cause harm. We can provide consultation, reports, analysis, direct support, services, and solutions to help you succeed in protecting you, your organization and the work you do from a wide range of threats. If you want to discuss how we can help you succeed, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

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