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June 03, 2023

Ludovica Leccese, CENTCOM/AFRICOM Team

Evan Beachler, Senior Editor

Israel-Egypt Border[1]

Event: On June 3, 2023, an Egyptian policeman killed two Israeli soldiers while they secured a military post at the Egyptian border after Israeli forces foiled a significant smuggling effort overnight. A confrontation on Israeli territory resulted in the deaths of the Egyptian officer and a third Israeli soldier hours later. The Egyptian military claims that the exchange of gunfire occurred because of the security officer pursuing traffickers across the border. An Israeli soldier and an Egyptian policeman were killed in a gunfight after the Israeli armed forces discovered the intrusion into Israeli territory after learning of the incident. It remains unknown how the Egyptian officer managed to get over the border barrier, and Egyptian and Israeli officials are fully cooperating in their investigation into the incident's circumstances.[2] [3] [4]

Significance: The crossing of the border barrier by an Egyptian policeman raises questions about the effectiveness of border security measures between Egypt and Israel. There is a roughly even chance that terrorist groups based in Egypt carried out the cross-border smuggling operation. This incident will likely strain bilateral relations and cooperation between Israel and Egypt, and tensions will likely arise depending on the outcome of the joint investigation and the perceived accountability for the incident. There is a roughly even chance that the events will escalate tensions between Egypt and Israel, two countries that have had a peace treaty in place since 1979. The killing of soldiers on both sides, the exchange of gunfire, and the intrusion into Israeli territory will likely raise concerns about the broader implications for the region's stability. The event will likely lead to increased security measures along the border, likely leading to trade and travel disruptions between Egypt and Israel. The incident will also likely impact the peace process between Israel and Palestine, as Egypt has played a role in mediating discussions between the two sides.


  • The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) recommends strengthening border security and surveillance to prevent unauthorized crossings and intrusions. Security forces on both sides of the border should maintain high vigilance and readiness to respond to potential threats swiftly and effectively. Security personnel should conduct regular training exercises and drills to increase their preparedness and coordination. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities should be conducted regularly through regular assessments and updates to security measures.

  • CTG recommends that the sharing of intelligence and information between Egyptian and Israeli security agencies is enhanced to improve situational awareness and enable timely response to potential threats or suspicious activities along the border. Egyptian and Israeli security forces should foster open communication channels and cooperation to promptly address security concerns, exchange vital information, and coordinate efforts to maintain border security.

  • CTG recommends that Egyptian and Israeli officials conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the incident. The investigation should uncover the circumstances surrounding the incident, determine the motives of those involved, and identify any lapses in security protocols.

  • CTG recommends establishing close collaboration to disrupt and dismantle smuggling networks operating along the border. Intelligence sharing, joint operations, and targeted enforcement actions against individuals and groups involved in smuggling activities should be enhanced.

  • CTG recommends maintaining open lines of diplomatic communication between Egypt and Israel to address any concerns, clarify misunderstandings, and reinforce cooperation in security matters. Regular high-level meetings and diplomatic engagements can help build trust and ensure effective collaboration.

  • If there is any additional and or critical information please contact us at The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) by Telephone 202-643-2848 or email


[2] Three Israeli soldiers, Egyptian security officer killed in border gunfire incident, Reuters, June 2023,



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