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Region of Concern: USA

Written By Daniel Somart; Edited by Elena Alice Rossetti

Date: September 4, 2023

Map of Orlando, Florida[1]

Event: On September 3, multiple groups of neo-Nazis held demonstrations across Florida.[2] 50 participants from the Goyim Defense League (GDL) and the Blood Tribe (BT) were present in the greater Orlando area. They wore matching uniforms that concealed their identities, waved swastika flags, and shouted anti-Semitic slurs. The GDL leader, Jon Minadeo II, was present. A group of 15 neo-Nazis, including members of the Order of the Black Sun (OBS), Aryan Freedom Network (AFN), and 14 First, demonstrated outside the entrance of the Disney Springs shopping center.[3] This event comes just eight days after the racially-motivated murder of three Black people in Jacksonville.[4]

Significance: Law enforcement and security agencies will very likely increase their monitoring and surveillance of these neo-Nazi groups in an attempt to counter domestic terrorism. These demonstrations will likely continue to generate public outrage and condemnation, likely leading to increased awareness of extremist ideologies’ rise in the country. Copycat incidents or acts of violence committed by individuals who share similar extremist ideologies are likely to occur in Florida and spread throughout the country. Polarization and extremist content amplified by media exposure will likely radicalize vulnerable individuals to commit acts of violence. Hate groups will very likely exploit the visibility gained from these demonstrations to actively recruit new members. The limited gun control measures in Florida will likely make it easier for extremist individuals to carry out armed hate crimes.

Recommendations: The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) recommends launching a comprehensive public awareness campaign about the risks of extremism and hate-motivated violence. Social media platforms should employ counter-messaging campaigns to combat extremist propaganda and should identify and remove extremist content. Intelligence agencies should closely monitor extremist groups and individuals with extremist ideologies who may pose a threat to society. CTG recommends funding community programs aimed at countering extremism, including mental health services and initiatives that reduce extremist ideologies’ appeal. CTG recommends implementing stricter firearm regulations at the state and federal levels to prevent extremist individuals from acquiring firearms easily.


[1]Orlando” by Google Maps

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[3] Neo-Nazi groups spew hate outside Disney World and near Orlando, officials say, NBC News, September 2023,

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