Baby-faced child suicide bomber blows himself up in attack on Syrian troops in latest ISIS propagand

Terrorist organizations regularly recruit young people to carry out terrorist attacks and many times drugs are utilized to maintain control over these youths. The Counter Terrorism Group has been working on solutions on how to prevent youth from becoming victims and pawns of terrorist recruiters. ISIS has released a new video allegedly showing a teenage boy blowing himself up in a suicide bomb attack near the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, Syria. An adult ISIS fighter appears to show the boy how to drive a vehicle laden with explosives, before sending him off to his death.

ISIS fighters in Deir Ezzor is currently under attack by Russian-backed Syrian government forces, believed to be the targets of the attack in the pictures.

Caliphate cub: The video allegedly shows a teenage boy carrying out a suicide mission for ISIS in eastern Syria

In the photograph, the teenager's face does not show any emotion, indicating that he had been drugged.

Read the full article.

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