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We are looking for the right people to fight against terrorism and critical threats!

Read below to find out about full-time, consultant and internship opportunities with us.


We are looking for passionate, dedicated talented people who believe in our mission and work.


The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) is hiring an Anti-Terrorism Officer to support a Department of Defense (DOD) agency. Support includes the below support activities.


  • Provide as-needed products (e.g. technical, white papers, point papers, critical analysis, briefings, drawings, and/or renderings, and other formats). The Government will specify the format and required delivery dates. Potential subject matters include anti-terrorism, force protection, critical infrastructure, and mission assurance.

  • Edit reports, regulations, standard operating procedures, learning materials, web content, design graphics, create templates and develop training pamphlets and lesson plans. The Contractor must ensure antiterrorism reports meet PFPA approved template to include text, captions, photos, graphics, and tables.

  • Develop and maintain Antiterrorism Plans and procedures in accordance with DoD Instruction 2000.16, including annual plan/program reviews and corrective action plans.

  • Conduct AT Level I Awareness Training. Provide Area of Responsibility (AOR) Travel Briefs to WHS and ODCMO personnel traveling outside the continental US (OCONUS).

  • Coordinate AT Level IV Executive Seminar training for WHS leadership.

  • Plan antiterrorism exercises relevant to the agency’s anti-terrorism responsibilities. Coordinate PFPA participation in external antiterrorism exercises.

Assist with Antiterrorism Risk Assessments (ATRA) following standard DoD guidance.

Assist with coordinating, tracking, and closing out findings, and observation of Food Vulnerability Assessments and Water Security Vulnerability Assessments (WSVA).

  • Assist with preparing Criticality Assessments (CA) in accordance with DoD guidance and practice. 5.9. Develop AT related web site content.

  • Develop methods to integrate AT measures into contract planning and execution, to ensure DoD personnel and assets are protected from terrorist threats and natural hazards. Processes to analyze include: the contract management process; AT and contracting risk assessment; AT and Operations Security (OPSEC) review process; and, AT measures for service contracts.

  • Develop methods to integrated site-specific effects based force protection conditions (FPCONs) and random antiterrorism measures (RAMs) to protect DoD personnel and assets from terrorist threats and natural hazards.

  • Analyze new and existing DoD guidance and concepts for evolving AT trends and best practices.

  • Assist and support oversight of the corrective action program, to include writing corrective action program requirements, as well as developing and implementing organizational corrective action programs.

  • Proofread, offer suggestions to improve works, revise, rewrite, and edit written reports, regulations, correspondence standard operating procedures, learning materials, and web content.

  • Provide weekly reports of all current and future projects as directed to support the submission of the DOD Agency Weekly Significant Activity Report (SAR). These reports shall be submitted by email.

  • Submit a monthly status report on the 15th of each month for all contract activities and expenditures to include burn-rate charts using a template provided by the DOD Agency. These reports shall be submitted by encrypted email.

  • Submit an annual report within 30 days after the end of the prior period of performance (except for the final year) that outlines the deliverables associated with technical exhibit 2 for each employee and any incomplete tasks or deliverables.

  • Mark all activity reports, which shall be restricted to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and shall be marked “CUI.” 


Special Qualifications:

  • Secret Clearance

  • Must possess a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Arts (BA) degree  

  • 5 years of AT experience conducting AT research, oversight, assessments and policy reviews.

  • Must possess an Anti-Terrorism Level 2 certification


Job Type: 

  • Full-time 

  • 1099 Contract Position with CTG


Salary: $50,000 - 70,000

Schedule: 8-hour shift / 5 days a week

Education: Bachelor's (Required)

Experience: Anti-terrorism: 5 years 

Security Clearance: Current Secret Clearance (Required)

Work Remotely: Possible

Work Location: Falls Church, VA or other government sites within the National Capital Region. 


To apply to send your resume to

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