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Some people dream of a safe and secure world. We work every day to make it a reality. 

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Understand and Investigate

In order to defeat terrorists and individuals intent on doing harm it is critical to understand and investigate them.  We collect and analyze intelligence on terrorists and extremists, their organizations, individuals who are threats, and their tactics and attacks to develop solutions to detect, deter, and defeat any act terrorism or violence against our client. We also conduct investigations to identify persons of interest, threats, and determine the likelihood of a threat and how to stop them

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Answers and Solutions

How do we create an effective active shooter plan? What physical barriers should be put in place to protect our facilities? How do we protect our personnel traveling to moderate to high risk areas? What can we do to protect our events from attack? What terrorism or risk insurance do we need? How do we create emergency response or contingency of operations plans in case of attack? What threats do we need  to be concerned about?  These are just a few of the many questions that organizations need answers and solutions to on a daily basis. At CTG we have the consultants/subject matter experts who can provide advice and develop and implement solutions to keep you and your organization safe.

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Prevent and Defeat Threats

Threats and risks to organizations and people are increasing. The threat of active shooters, insider threats, targeted killings, travel security threats, reputation attacks, cyber attacks, and more are all very real.  Active and possible threats cannot be taken lightly. We conduct threat and risk assessments on multiple levels to determine all possible threats and we advise and develop solutions on how to prevent and defeat them in order to keep our clients safe.

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Plan for All Threats

Crisis management is the identification of threats to an organization and its stakeholders, and the methods used by which threats are dealt with effectively. Crises include a wide range of potential threats including: terrorist attacks, workplace violence, cyber crimes, product tampering, bomb threats, power blackouts, and natural disasters. The key to effectively dealing with crisis is plan for it in advance. This is where CTG comes in.  If done correctly nothing should catch your organization off guard and by surprise. You are ready and have a plan to deal with it. We can help you plan for all threats and the unexpected so you prevent them and if necessary recover from them.

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Essential Part of Life

Security has become an essential part of life and critical in countering terrorism and various threats. Whether it is security specialists trained in counterterrorism, counter threat, and active shooter tactics; executive protection and behavior detection specialists; school and religious institutions protection teams, event security teams, and bomb detection teams we can provide high level security and protection personnel and technology to meet your needs.

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Training Solutions Tailored

CTG provides clients a diverse range of training for law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, and government, private, non-profit / NGO sector security teams and employees. Our training focuses on preparing personnel to deal with high threat situations effectively. Training courses include: security implementation and management, executive protection, threat assessment, intelligence collection and analysis, emergency response, risk mitigation, cyber security, travel security preparation, use of weapons and tactics, and more.  We can also develop and provide innovative training solutions tailored to meet the specific strategic and operational needs of each client.

If you want to discuss how we can help you succeed in detecting, deterring, and defeating threats, please contact us.
We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

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