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Security Guard

Security & Protection

Protecting you and your organization

Security for organizations and executives/VIPs has become an essential part of life and critical in countering terrorism and various threats. The key is making sure you have the right security to protect you, your organization, your interests, your personnel, and your loved ones. Whether it is security guards and specialists trained in counter threat, counterterrorism, and active shooter prevention tactics; executive protection specialists; behavior detection specialists; school and religious institutions protection teams, event security teams, physical security specialists, and bomb detection teams we can provide high level security and protection for any of your needs. We also provide technology and other security solutions that can ensure safety from any threats.

CTG professionals strive to maintain a proper balance between the ability of those we protect to live their lives, operate their organizations, learn and worship in peace, and maintain a sense of normalcy. High-level security and protection can be provided without being overly intrusive or obstructive. We strive to understand each clients needs and wants as well as the active and possible threats they face. Our goal is to put in place the right security program and personnel in place in order to ensure the complete safety and security of the people, property, and assets being protected.

Each member of The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) Security & Protection team is specially trained in counterterrorism, anti-terrorism, and high level counter threat tactics and techniques. CTG Security & Protection Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Overt security protection (barriers, check-points)

  • Armed Uniformed Security Personnel/Teams

  • Unarmed Uniformed Security Personnel/Teams

  • Covert Protection Agents

  • Executive/VIP/Diplomatic Protection Agents

  • School Security (K-12, College, University)

  • Faith Based Institution/House of Worship Security

  • Event & Special Venue Security 

  • Facility/Physical Security

  • Entertainment & Nightlife Venue Security

  • At Risk/High Risk Person Security

  • Family Security

  • Residential Security

  • Commercial Property Security

  • Behavior Detection Specialists 

  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance/TSCM Specialists 

  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance Tools 

  • Facility Security Assessments

  • Threat Assessment Specialist/Teams

  • Crime Prevention/Crime Response

  • Security Screening/Magnetometer Operations

  • Airspace Security Specialists/Teams

  • Electronic Security Specialist/Teams

  • Cyber Security/Threat Specialists/Teams

  • Medical Emergency Response Specialist/Teams

  • Counter Sniper Specialist/Teams

  • Emergency Response/Counter Assault Teams

  • Client Based Operations Centers/Operations Center Staff

  • Travel Security Specialist/Teams

  • Transportation & Logistical Security

  • Protective Intelligence & Investigation Specialists/Teams

  • Background Investigations & Employee Screening

Each of CTG's Security Personnel are focused on the protection of life and property and detecting, detering, investigating, mitigating, and defeating threats that the client may face. If you are in need of security focused on countering any active or possible threat please contact us and let us provide you the security that will give you peace of mind.  

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