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Training & Preparation

Protecting you and your organization

The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) has experts who are able to teach about and train clients on a wide range of topics related to countering terrorists and individual attacks, terrorist and extremist organizations, dealing with conflicts and political issues in various countries, the effective use of weapons and tactics, understanding and stopping active and potential threats, and much more. We teach and train people and organizations on everything from  intelligence collection and analysis to tactics. 


CTG utilizes the intelligence gathered daily to ensure we understand the current and future threats and how to detect, deter, and defeat them. We believe in training and the teaching method of "Learn Then Apply." The training we develop is focused on teaching and providing you skills, education, and hands on experience that can be immediately put to use and applied to protecting you and your organization from active and possible threats. 

Seminars, Workshops, and Training Courses taught by the CTG staff include the following topics:
  • Intelligence Collection & Analysis
  • Counterterrorism Training
  • Counterintelligence Training
  • Terrorism & Threat Awareness/Understanding
  • Understanding The Terrorist Threat 
  • Understanding The Extremist Threat
  • Terrorist Organization Seminars 
  • Extremist Organization Seminars
  • Threat Assessment 
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intelligence Collection & Analysis 
  • Investigations 
  • Active Shooter Preparation 
  • Active Shooter Response 
  • Self/Personal Defense 
  • Weapons & Tactics 
  • Bombs and Explosives
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction / CBRNE
  • Weapons/Explosive Detection
  • Physical Security 
  • Executive & Personnel Protection
  • School Security
  • Faith Based Institutions/Places of Worship Security
  • Operations Security
  • Surveillance & Counter-surveillance
  • Crisis Management & Communication
  • Contingency of Operations Planning 
  • Report Writing
  • GSOC / Watch Officer Training
  • Security Force Training
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Hostage / Kidnapping Survival
  • Cyber Threat/Cyber Security 
  • Client Requested Training
  • Many more trainings to fit the needs of Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security in all sector
The CTG Team of experts can provide training to help you, your teams and organization detect, deter, and defeat terrorist activity and individual intentions to cause harm. We can provide training, consultation, reports, analysis, direct support, services, and solutions to help you succeed in protecting you, your organization and the work you do from a wide range of threats. In 2019 CTG will move from strictly contracted client based training to opening our training to professionals in Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security in all sectors.
If you want to discuss how we can help you succeed by providing training that will keep you and/or your organization safe and secure from threat, please contact us
We look forward to hearing from and working with you.
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