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Travel Security

Business or Pleasure: Travel Safely, Return Safely!

Global Travel for business, for education, or for your leisure is essential but there are many threats that can cause you harm around the world. CTG can provide you intelligence and other services to help keep you safe while you are traveling so that can focus on the reason why you are there and avoid any threats that may harm you or your people. 

Travel Security Reports (TSR)

Traveling around the world can be necessary for your work or fun, educational, and filled with new opportunities but it can also come with a number of security and health concerns. Some areas are high targets for terrorism, kidnapping, violence, tourism crime, political instability, and conflicts. Other areas have serious health concerns. In more and more countries visitors are being targeted by cyber crime. These are just a few of the threats you contend with when traveling globally.  Whether our client is a company or organization sending executives or personnel overseas or a academic institutions send students to study or take cultural education trips or an individual taking a trip to a particular area we can help. Knowing the threats, the culture, the norms, the laws, how to get help, where to avoid, who to avoid, and what to avoid can make the difference between a great trip or a tragic one. At CTG we can develop detailed Travel Security Reports for our clients to ensure their safety and a successful trip.

Our Travel Security Reports will be accessible through our Counter Threat Center. We also offer specialized services to assist with your travel security needs. Contact us.

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