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Law Enforcement
& Military

Protecting You & The Citizens You Serve

Law enforcement and military personnel are on the front line of the fight against terrorism. Understanding terrorism tactics, why terrorists do what they do, and how to counter and catch them is critical. Preventing terrorist attacks is one of the most important parts of the law enforcement and military mission. CTG provides tools, resources, and capabilities to help law enforcement and the military win the fight against terrorism. 

Some of our services include:

  • Intelligence Collection & Analysis 

  • Reports & Analysis

  • Terrorist & Extremist Group Analysis

  • Country Analysis

  • Behavior/Leadership Analysis

  • Threat & Risk Assessment

  • Security & Protection Services

  • Tactical & Weapons Training

  • Active Shooting Training & Preparation

  • Combative Training

  • Investigation Support

  • Global Security Operation Centers

  • Mission & Operations Support

  • Crisis Management Consulting

  • Cyber Security / Cyber Threat Analysis / Cyber Intelligence & Investigations


One of most important things to law enforcement agencies and military need is the right intelligence, support, training and tools to accomplish the mission of detecting, deterring, and defeating various threats that society faces. We can assist in dealing with any active and potential threats. Let us help you succeed in accomplishing your mission. Please review our services, our reports and training. We can also develop specialized solutions for law enforcement agencies and military units. Contact us, we are here to help you counter any threats that you face now or in the future.

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