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9/11 Message - 20th Anniversary

September 11, 2001 was a tragic day that changed the world as we knew it then and as we know it now. It was a day that many beautiful people lost their lives to a horrific act of terrorism of such magnitude that the world has never seen and we pray will never be seen again. It was also the day that our founder responded as a first responder to the attacks at the Pentagon. That experience and the impact of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was the foundation from which The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) was started.

Twenty years later we remember the lives lost and the impact on the world. I am sure all of us wish that we could say that there was no longer a threat of terrorism but as we have seen just recently, this is not the case. So as we look back at 9/11 and the intelligence gaps, vulnerabilities, and multiple points of failure that allowed this attack to happen we must never forget and we must make sure we learn. We must remember that those who are committed to carrying out acts of terrorism around the world are still out there and looking for unique and creative opportunities to cause death and destruction.

There are many lessons to be learned from 9/11, Intelligence Reform, Homeland Security, the Global War on Terrorism, and the wars fought during these past twenty years. We should never stop learning from these lessons and we must be constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities that any terrorist group or individual focused on causing harm may try to exploit. We have to remember that the fight against terror is not just a job for intelligence agencies, law enforcement, the military or government, it is a job for all of us. The private sector, non-profit and faith-based communities, and everyone must be “ALL IN” on detecting, deterring, and defeating terrorism. It cannot be just a United States effort but it has to be a Worldwide effort. Globally we must work to help those who think that terrorism is the answer to realize this way is never a solution to any problem and that there is always a better way. Terrorism is complex and there is no one answer to eliminate this threat. So as we remember 9/11 let us recommit ourselves to the challenge of fighting terrorism not just with weapons but with our minds, the use of intelligence, and with new solutions. Let us work to prevent any future acts of terrorism so that we can look back not just in remembrance of the attack but as the moment we began the effort to end all terrorism around the world. Our youth after 9/11 were looking and hoping for a day when the world would be at peace and our youth today want the same thing. Let us work to give them a reality of a world without terror.

This is what we at The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) will continue to do as we work to detect, deter, and defeat terrorism. Let us Never Forget.

The Counterterrorism Group



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