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Region of Concern: Peru

Written By Mridul Mahendroo; Edited by Salomon Montaguth

Date: January 7, 2023

Map of Peru[1]

Event: On January 6, anti-government protestors attempted to take over the Inca Manco Capac airport in Peru, leading to clashes against the police. Law enforcement tear-gassed protestors after they set fire to a police tank. The security concerns for planes and passengers led to the interruption of airport services. Protestors targeted other transportation networks and established 49 road blockades throughout the country. More than 15 individuals, including civilians and police officers, were reported injured.[2]

Significance: It is likely that the use of increased violence by law enforcement will lead to the further spread of protests and civilian casualties. Protestors are likely to target governmental establishments, such as police stations and administrative buildings. The blockade of roads will likely complicate the distribution of goods, leading to shortages in shops and supermarkets in certain areas. This situation will likely increase fuel and food costs, thereby creating a daily financial threat for poor individuals. The lack of security and difficulties with domestic traveling will likely affect the tourism sector. The protests will likely lead to travel cancellations threatening the income of travel agents, local guides, and shopkeepers in tourist areas.

Recommendations: Security measures at police stations and critical governmental and travel infrastructure must be reviewed and increased. Additional police and army forces should secure these establishments, and alerts should inform them of potential threats to avoid large civilian takeover operations. Local authorities should create alternate routes for trucks and establish army checkposts at crossings and the entrance of cities. Major international airports should be secured, allowing the inflow of tourists and travelers. Local NGOs must report the impact of protests on tourism and identify violations of human rights, providing medical and alimentary aid to communities in difficulty.


[2] Peru protesters clash with police in airport takeover attempt in Puno, Reuters, January 2023,



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