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Region of Concern: South Korea; North Korea; United States

Written By Amy McGee; Edited by Claire Bracco and Jennifer Loy

Date: December 22, 2022

North-South Korean border[1]

Event: On December 22, the United States and South Korea considered their first large-scale joint live-fire demonstration. This consideration comes after North Korea's growing military threats. They are preparing for these live fire demonstrations as they approach their 70th year of partnership. For the last six years the two refrained from completing live drills. This arrangement comes after North Korea scrutinized both nations and said they would conduct more missile tests.[2]

Significance: While there remain other options, the United States and South Korea will very likely conduct this live fire demonstration in 2023 to reiterate their strong partnership on the 70th anniversary. It is likely if negotiations occur between the three countries, the United States will likely suggest North Korea stop testing ICBMs. It is almost certain that North Korea will increase its testing capabilities by calling upon new technology, such as spy satellites. It is almost certain that North Korea will resume testing its ICBM capabilities which will almost certainly impact the region and in turn, the United States.

Recommendations: The United States should continue to show its credible alliance with South Korea. The three countries should conduct negotiations to ensure war does not occur. The United States should intensify its involvement and continue to send military personnel to aid in the training and testing of military-grade weapons, planes, and vehicles. South Korea should provide information to the public on safety locations. The United States should work with South Korea to get information into North Korea about what is happening. Global humanitarian organizations should remain on standby as more North Korean aggression may break out in the coming months. The South Korean economy should focus on the stability of critical infrastructures such as energy, roadways, hospitals, and communications. As military capabilities rise in South Korea, manufacturers should maintain the production of essential goods, such as food, water, and clothing.


[2] South Korea, U.S. consider live-fire drills amid North Korea threats, Reuters, December 2022,



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