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Region of Concern: Peru

Written By Mridul Mahendroo; Edited by Jennifer Loy, Chief Editor

Date: January 25, 2023

Map of Lima[1]

Event: On January 25, large numbers of protestors from rural Peru gathered in Lima demanding President Boluarte’s resignation, the dissolution of the Congress, and new elections. This rally led to violent clashes as law enforcement forces used tear gas on protestors. The latter rejected the President’s truce offer and used slingshots against the police. Protestors accused the police of being “murderers” as some were injured by rubber bullets used to disperse them. Human rights organizations have acknowledged the presence of violence on both sides and requested the international community to condemn law enforcement authorities’ violent actions on protestors.[2]

Significance: The continuing police violence and lack of independent investigations will likely escalate the violence between protestors and the government. The protestors will likely stay in Lima until their demands have been met and Boluarte is replaced. If no action is taken, protestors will likely attack governmental buildings by occupying them and target officials. Lima’s population is likely to face difficulties in commuting and is likely to be targeted by police if living near protest sites. If the protests are prolonged, small-scale shopkeepers are likely to shut down and their shops will likely suffer damages leading to important economic losses.

Recommendations: The Peruvian government should appease the protestors by sanctioning the individuals responsible for the killings during protests. Additional law enforcement units should be deployed at governmental buildings and should alert the workers against likely attacks. Army forces should establish checkposts at crossings and secure important airports, railway, and bus stations to allow the transport of goods. The city authorities should provide daily advisories to main media outlets providing information on the location of protests and issuing safety recommendations. Boluarte’s government should provide economic aid to small-scale shops and businesses closed or damaged by the protests.


[1] Lima, Peru by Google Maps



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