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CTG provides a range of services designed to help individuals and organizations concerned about terrorism. We provide:

- Intelligence Collection & Analysis

- Strategic Consulting

- Threat Assessments & Risk Mitigation

- Crisis Planning & Emergency Response

- Training & Development

- Security & Protection Services

- Many more services...


Organizations & Individuals

Many companies, organizations, and individuals around the world have to be concerned about terrorism because they are often seen as soft targets by terrorists and terrorist organizations. CTG can help in deter and prevent attacks to you or your organization.


Government agencies and personnel, politicians, and anyone affiliated with being a public servant are often targets of terrorists and terrorist organizations. CTG can help prevent and deter attacks on government workers, public servants, citizens being served, visitors, and facilities.

Law Enforcement & Military

Law enforcement and military personnel are on the front line of the fight against terrorism. Understanding terrorism tactics, why terrorists do what they do, and how to counter and catch them is critical. Preventing terrorist attacks is one of the most important parts of the law enforcement and military mission. CTG provides tools, resources, and capabilities to help law enforcement and the military win the fight against terrorism.


Security personnel are usually the first line of defense against terrorists, terrorist organizations, and individuals with intent to do harm. Weak security measures will be assessed by these individuals with harmful intentions, terrorists, and terrorist organizations and will be used to determine their targets. Security personnel who are not aware of terrorist tactics and other threats cannot stop attacks. Strong security teams and measures are what prevents attacks. CTG provides training, tools, resources, personnel, and capabilities to create strong security solutions to counter any threat to your organization.

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We produce daily, weekly and long term reports and analytical products to understand terrorism and terrorist tactics to detect, deter, and defeat future attacks and attackers. These include:

- Daily Terrorist Activity Reports

- Weekly Trend Analysis

- Detailed Reports

- Tactics & Techniques Analysis

- Travel Security Reports & Risk Analysis

- Lessons Learned Reports



We offer training programs to help prepare you and your organization to deal with terrorism. These include:​

- Active Shooter Training

- Terrorist Tactics & Counter Tactics

- Counter Terrorism Training for Security Teams

- Inside the mind of a Terrorist

- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

- Workplace Violence Training

- Many More...​


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March 16, 2020

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Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed into law constitutional amendments that could allow him to stay in power for another 16 years. The law is set to be passed if approved by a nationwide referen...

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