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CTG Weekly Security Brief: Honduran migrants

Week of January 11, 2021 | Issue 3


Honduran Refugee Caravan[1]

Date: 16.1.2021

Location: Honduras

Parties involved: Honduras; Guatemala; United States

The event: There are some 6,500 Honduran migrants in caravans traveling north to Guatemala. Guatemalan authorities escalated efforts to stop the Hondurans, many of them families with children, traveling in a migrant caravan bound for the United States just as a new administration is about to enter the White House.

The implications:

  • Small fights broke out between Honduran security forces and unregistered migrants trying to cross the border into Guatemala. This is a cause for concern given that there are not enough security forces to control the influx of migrants into Guatemala during these uncertain times.

  • The first migrant caravan comes less than a week before the U.S. President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Biden has expressed a need for a more humane migration process compared to that of Donald Trump. However, for South American politics and security, migrants that are able to make their way to the United States may be beneficial to the overall relationships between the US and South American countries. By creating a relationship based on more human migration policies South American Countries could possibly gain more support and resources to deal with threats to their own countries.

  • Concerns are being discussed in the United States, however, regarding security and health measures with respect to unauthorized people entering the country. Those individuals who make it to the United States may bring more cases of COVID-19 which could spread among large groups of migrants, and ultimately to the American people. Without being able to test every migrant, the United States may be at risk of contracting new strands of the virus present in South America.



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