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FLASH ALERT for Possible Violence, Unrest, and Civil Disobedience in Washington DC

FLASH ALERT for Possible Violence, Unrest, and Civil Disobedience

in Washington DC - Be Alert for Any Suspicious Activities,

Persons, or Vehicles

January 4, 2021 | CTG CRIME Team

LOCATION: Washington DC, USA



EVENT: Pro-Trump Rallies/Marches in Washington DC; Far-right groups and counter-protestors expected during several events

Pro-Trump Rally in Washington DC on November 14, 2020 (1)

ALERT - In the wake of demonstrations in Washington DC and in preparation of the upcoming Pro-Trump rallies/marches on Wednesday, January 6 protesting the certification of the 2020 Presidental Election Results, The Counterterrorism Group (CTG) is issuing a flash alert, warning law enforcement, security personnel, and the general public to be on the lookout for activities and groups in the downtown area of Washington DC during these rallies/marches, particularly in locations of significance, such as government buildings, courthouses, churches, critical infrastructure, etc. Although similar recent demonstrations have initiated as peaceful, they have quickly been overrun with widespread unrest, violence, and vandalism,with protestors and counter-protestors clashing throughout the demonstration area.

In the most recent rallies/marches in Washington DC on December 12, 2020, Metro Police reported that 4 individuals were stabbed and 33 individuals were arrested after far-right and far-left groups clashed in the streets. At this time, the National Park Service reported they have issued four protest permits in the downtown Washington DC area. Recently, the far-right group “The Proud Boys” announced they will be attending the rallies/marches and will be “incognito,” wearing all-black clothing instead of their typical uniform consisting of yellow and black in order to effectively blend in with counter-protest groups, such as Antifa, whose uniform consist of all-black clothing, and spreading out throughout the city in “smaller teams.” Counter-protestors have already planned to demonstrate in front of hotels that are accommodating “violent fascists,” such as the Holiday Inn on Eisenhower Ave, as a show of force against protestors. Several social media sites, such as Parler, have circulated QAnon conspiracy theories that President Trump and his supporters will bring about “a storm that will wash away all of his enemies,” making this their final stand. As such, these protestors are expected to violate or ignore DC gun laws, bringing accompanying firearms and weapons of their choosing.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser urged DC residents to stay home and avoid the downtown area, avoid demonstrators looking to incite violence, and remain peaceful at all costs. The Metropolitan Police Department will be fully activated and will be executing a public safety response plan as early as Tuesday morning to work to secure the protest area. Due to the mass quantities of people anticipated in the downtown area, parking restrictions and street closures will be implemented, making it extremely difficult to travel throughout the area unless you are on foot or bicycle.

We recommend that civilians, law enforcement, and security personnel remain vigilant for protest activity that may turn violent, extremist groups, and suspicious activity that may lead to mass violence or destruction. Based on trend analysis and recent events, CTG recommends increased vigilance for the following types of threats:

  • Active Shooters

  • Ambush Assault Attacks

  • Knife Attacks

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

  • Vehicle Attacks - Car Ramming into People and Locations

  • Attacks on Law Enforcement


We recommend that citizens, law enforcement, and security personnel stay alert for suspicious activity and individuals/groups, particularly individuals/groups looking to incite violence and cause chaos. Possible indicators that are commonly shared by homeland security and law enforcement include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals/groups acting aggressively towards other individuals/groups

  • Cargo concealed or placed in obscure locations (covered by a tarp, large crates on a busy corner, etc.)

  • Individual(s) appearing overly anxious

  • Large groups traveling together wearing similar clothing

  • Vehicles unusually or illegally parked

  • The display of weapons

  • Hostility towards law enforcement

If a person observes suspicious activity or individuals, they need to be cautious but capture as many of the following details as possible and call 911 reporting the suspicious activity in detail. Try to report the following:

  • Who: Identify all of the individuals and vehicles involved in the suspicious activity. Describe each individual or vehicle with as much detail as possible. Information on individuals could include name, eye color, hair color, height, weight, clothing, scars, marks, tattoos, glasses, etc.

  • What: What concerning or suspicious activity was observed? Is there any digital media that can be shared? Report any emails, pictures, videos, etc. that could be related to the suspicious activity.

  • When: When did you observe the suspicious activity?

  • Where: Where did you observe the suspicious activity?

  • Why: Why is the observed activity, person, or vehicle suspicious?

Law enforcement and security personnel should take any reports of suspicious or concerning activity seriously and conduct thorough investigations during this time period in order to prevent widespread inciting acts and mass violence. Law enforcement and security personnel should also have an incident action plan in place prior to the demonstration activity beginning in order to establish security protocols and procedures in the event of attacks, mass violence, or civil unrest.

CTG continues to monitor the situation and any developments of any developments regarding the scheduled demonstrations. CTG will report all relevant and pertinent updates through established protocols or emergent channels if necessary.

(1)“The Coronavirus Descends on DC - MAGA Super Spreader” by Geoff Livingston, Flickr licensed under Public Domain



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