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Region of Concern: South Korea, United States, and North Korea

Written By Amy McGee; Edited by Claire Bracco

Date: December 31, 2022

Map of Korean Penninsula[1]

Event: On December 31, North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles toward its eastern waters. This came in retaliation to South Korea successfully conducting surveillance over the North.[2] The former claimed the latter flew drones into its territory. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it found the three missiles near Pyongyang.[3] They traveled approximately 220 miles, even over Seoul, before landing between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.[3] South Korea remains ready for Northern aggressions while working alongside the United States to continue monitoring possible advances.[2]

Significance: North Korean threats will very likely become more aggressive as the South strengthens. North Korea will almost certainly capitalize on the success of these drone tests due to the South failing to shoot down a single drone. South Korea will very likely conduct more drills to ensure they can successfully defend against North Korean advances. It is almost certain that citizens will have a heightened fear of attacks. It is very likely that the United States will work with South Korea to increase surveillance. It is almost certain that South Korea will push for stronger Intelligence surveillance reconnaissance and signals intelligence capabilities.

Recommendations: The United States should continue to advise South Korea to conduct drills to ensure proper defense against North Korean advances. The government of South Korea should warn its citizens against potential danger from arriving from the North and how to take appropriate precautions. South Korea should conduct red team drills to practice defending against North Korea. These should include counterintelligence operations, quick response teams, and strategic missile tests. The government of South Korea should issue another apology to the people of South Korea and reiterate the strength of South Korean capabilities to put citizens' minds at ease.


[1]Korea-map” by Janne Wittoeck licensed under CC BY 2.0

[2] North Korea fires ballistic missiles capping record year of tests, CNA, December 2022,

[3] N. Korea fires 3 missiles amid tensions over drone flights, AP, December 2022,



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