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Reports & Analysis

Introducing the COUNTER THREAT CENTER (CTC) from Paladin 7 and The Counterterrorism Group for Security Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Military Personnel working daily to counter threats.  


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Through our Counter Threat Center (CTC) we provide independent, truthful, non-politicized, objective, vetted analysis and intelligence that you can trust to stay informed on current evolving threats to help you detect, deter, and defeat any act of terrorism or other threat that could cause you, your organization, and your people harm. 


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Individual and Organizational Monthly Subscriptions Available.

We produce daily, weekly and long term reports and analytical products to understand terrorism, terrorist, and other threat actors tactics to detect, deter, and defeat future attacks and attackers. Through the Counter Threat Center (CTC) you have access to analysis and intelligence reports covering regional areas including: Africa, Asia, Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East. We also cover specific topics including Crime, Cyber, Behavior/Leadership Profiles, Weapons & Tactics of Threat Actors, and more. Subscription includes:


  • Daily Threat Activity Reports

  • Weekly Trend Analysis

  • Detailed Analysis & Intelligence Reports

  • Tactics & Techniques Analysis

  • Travel Security Reports & Risk Analysis

  • Lessons Learned / Historical Reports

  • And much more

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Read some of our latest Intelligence & Analytical Reports below:

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